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Rules & Regulations

The Certificate of Interment Rights and all rights, title and interest in the Interment Space described, is subject to all laws and ordinances, and to the following conditions, restrictions and rules and regulations, and the Buyer agrees that:

No transfer, sale or assignment of any interest or rights acquired by the Buyer shall be valid without the written consent of the District and being thereafter recorded on its books.

No monument or other memorial, trees, plants, objects or embellishments of any kind shall be placed upon the described District property by the Buyer. Only fresh cut and artificial flowers permitted in the District approved vase. Flowers are limited to a 20" height limit above the top of the vase opening. All grading, landscape work and improvements of any kind, and all care on the described property, shall be done, and all trees and plants of any kind shall be planted, trimmed or removed, and all interments and disinterments, including all openings and closings of graves, shall be made only by the District with its employees and equipment. All interments shall be made subject to the use of the type of a vault as shall be designated by the District in its rules and regulations.

The District, at the expense of the Buyer and as a charge against the described Interment Space, may repair or remove any monument or other memorial which is improper or offensive or which has become dangerous or dilapidated, and may remove any tree, flower or plant, that becomes unsightly or dangerous.

The District shall not be liable for loss or damage caused by an act of God, common enemy, thieves, vandals, strikers, malicious mischief makers, unavoidable accidents, riot or order of any military or civil authority.

The enumeration of certain conditions, restrictions, and rules and regulations shall not be considered as the only limitations, but the Buyer shall always hold all his interest and rights limited by and subject to the rules and regulations and by-laws of the District now existing or which may be adopted either by amendment, alteration or the adoption of new ones.

No monument or memorial tablet constructed or composed of material other than marble, bronze or granite shall ever be placed on the property in sections so designated.

All the above conditions, restrictions and rules and regulations are binding upon the Buyer, his heirs, devisees, executors, administrators and assigns, and are enforceable only by the District and law enforcement.