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Marker Requirements

  • Only one marker and one vase shall be allowed per plot; to include a multiple cremation gravesite. The single marker shall include the names and vital information for all family members who are or will be interred in the gravesite.
  • The concrete foundation shall be no higher than the finish grade (ground level).
  • The marker base shall be no higher than (8) eight inches above the concrete base.
  • The memorial marker shall be no higher than (30) thirty inches above the finish grade (ground level)
  • Only granite, bronze and marble memorial monuments and markers shall be allowed. Concrete work must be smooth and finished in the manner of generally accepted standards of finished concrete. No lettering, artwork, impressions, stamps, embellishments, solar lights or decorations of any kind allowed on the concrete.
  • All plots located near sprinkler heads shall be designated flat marker areas only.
  • Park Bench type grave markers are not allowed.
  • Markers can be installed on weekends or holidays with permission from Management or Cemetery Staff.
  • All Markers will be installed by Licensed and Insured Marker Companies or District Personnel.
  • Marker Companies and Installers shall comply with this policy and inform clients and installers of the Marker policy, prior to grave excavation.
  • Any installation found not to be in compliance with this policy shall be corrected. The cost of correction shall be the responsibility of the monument installer. Cemetery Staff may remove and confiscate incorrect installation not corrected within (90) ninety days of notification to installer.
  • No person shall plant trees, shrubs, flowers, or any other plant life on or around any gravesite. Any and all unauthorized planting shall be subject to removal by cemetery staff.
  • All old flowers, real or artificial will be disposed of on a regular schedule.
If you would like a printable version of our Marker Requirements, please click here